Your a grown up!! So grow up! You chose to have the twins. They're your burdens if you can even call them that. Which you do. Though not to anyone but the people that live in this house. You say it to me. But outsiders, they don't know. How messed up you are and how much you HATE to take care I these kids. They don't know how you randomly leave the house leaving me with Roman and Renley. I AM 15! They aren't my kids! So he comes home. My father. And my dad owns three different Internet distributing businesses, he works long and hard every day. He doesn't even have time to eat lunch, and his breakfast? A chocolate milk from the Pump 'N' Pantry. So he comes home starved! But as fate woul have it dinner is ready and me step sister, her dad's girlfriend's daughter and I just babysat the twins while she was running. My dad comes in and he gets food and goes to sit down and eat. And here he comes! From her run on the treadmill and ORDERS my dad to change Roman's diaper. He just wants to eat. Well I guess he didn't hear her ORDER him, and he sets Roman down and sits next to me. Then she starts cursing! We don't curse in this house! That's not who we are! She can't just do that. Especially since we're watching a little boy who is sitting across from me, and his dad's girlfriend's daughter (Ally) are in the room. She needs to take some of her medication and settle down. Because I don't tolerate that kind of behavior.